How to Choose Hardwood Floor Color

Wooden Color Swatch Choosing Wood Material for Housing Project.

You’re here because you made one correct choice – to install hardwood floors in your home. There is no look more timeless than this type of flooring. It will increase the value of your home, look amazing, and last a lifetime.

Choosing hardwood was an easy pick.

Now, it’s time for the hard part – picking the best color for hardwood floors.

Nowadays, there are plenty of hardwood flooring colors to choose from, and making a decision isn’t as simple as it used to be.

No worries, though. We’ve created a wood floor color guide to help you understand which style suits your home the best.

So keep reading and start picking hardwood floor colors.

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What to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Floor Colors

First, the goal is to create a cohesive look throughout the house. So, if you haven’t decided what the floors will look like in other parts of the house, now is the time.

The bedrooms can have the same design as the living room. Sticking to one or a maximum of two wood flooring colors is the safest choice.

Before choosing the best color for hardwood floors in your home, consider the factors listed below.

Don’t Disregard the Rest of the Interior

Naturally, this is the first factor you should consider. Pairing the floors with the rest of the interior is crucial to a well-designed space. 

So, think about the cabinet style, its colors, the appliance design, and the rest of the larger items in the room.

For example, pairing dark cabinets with lighter hardwood flooring colors is a great match. If you manage to find light tones that compliment your furniture pieces, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Don’t Reach for the Match

Luxurious Living Room With Kitchen Area

People who don’t have experience with design often go straight for the exact match to their furniture. They choose their floors to be the same color as the rest of the layout pieces. 

Usually, that’s not the right approach.

Having too much of the same shade makes the design look dull and unattractive. 

Instead of an exact copy, try looking for the perfect complementary match.

Avoid Dark Floors in Smaller Rooms

If certain rooms in your home aren’t that spacious, using dark-toned floors isn’t the best idea. 

Remember this tip from our wood floor color guide, and don’t use dark hardwood in small rooms.

The darker colors tend to make the room feel smaller than it is. 

If the space has plenty of natural light and bright walls, this type of design can actually work. But, without the complementary pieces, it isn’t the best idea.

Make Other Rooms Match

Choosing hardwood floor colors is just one part of your home’s design. Certain rooms aren’t well suited for hardwood floors, and to make everything work together, you’ll have to consider their design too. 

Having floors that match your hardwood style will make it a lot easier for everything to look like a part of one composition.

So, think about everything before you make any permanent decisions.

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