Bathroom Remodels in Greensboro, NC

So, working with professionals should be the first goal when planning a bathroom remodel.

If you’re from Greensboro, NC, you don’t have to worry about finding the right team. Triad Flooring & Bath’s showroom is conveniently located on New Garden Rd and displays different designs and styles. So, if you need help designing your bathroom’s new look, visit our showroom and check out what we offer.

Those whose schedule conflicts with our working hours, feel free to contact our team via our website, and we’ll schedule a showing after hours.

Our goal as bathroom remodel contractors is to give each client the attention they deserve. That’s why we try to be hands-on with every project and overlook the process from start to finish.

Bathroom remodeling services are one of the things our team specializes in, and by hiring the pros, you can feel safe that your home is left in good hands.

We strive to complete every project the way the client imagined it from the very start or implement any additions you may have throughout the process.

Contact us to get a free design for your bathroom, and consult with our team about the colors, type of tiles, the arrangement, and any other unknowns you may have about bathroom remodeling services.

Getting a free bathroom remodel estimate is quite valuable when planning the complete job. So, use that option, and contact Triad Flooring & Bath from Greensboro, NC.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation and talk about your ideas.